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  • We offer individual care for each patient
  • We have a team of experienced dentists
  • Wide range of dental treatments in one place
  • We use only the best dental materials and devices
  • Our highly skilled dentists use only the safest treatment techniques
  • Digital 3D CT scan on place

Individual care for each patient

To make sure that our patients receive the highest quality of treatment  each of our patients has his own personal dentist, who performs the initial consultation, prepares the treatment plan and cares for the general oral health state. This dentist, after performing thorough consultation and examination of the patient is consulting other specialists and prepares written treatment plan & cost estimate. The plan depends on the patient's oral health state and his expectations. Generally, we usually prepare a few alternatives of possible treatment which differ from one another, when it comes to the aesthetics, durability, length of treatment and costs. The patient receives the treatment plan, discusses it with the dentist and thereafter decides on the treatment option.

Team of experienced dentists

Offering high quality dental treatment is our most important priority. Our dentists have not only many years experience in various fields of dentistry, they also take part in numerous advanced trainings and conferences in Poland and abroad (eg. in Germany, Italy, the US) on a regular basis. They are passionate about dentistry.

Safe and fast treatments thanks to expertise and state-of-the art equipment

At our clinic we use the best standards that apply to the treatment that we offer. That means that regardless of the fact which eg. surgeon will carry out the treatment, always the newest techniques and the best materials will be used. Thanks to this system, our patients receive the highest level of dental treatment. Additionally, we use advanced diagnosing devices – such as the 3D CT scan by CS KODAK or digital microtomography (CBCT) – which is very helpful especially when treating complicated root canal treatments or placing of single implants.


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