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Root canal treatment

Endodontic treatment (in other words: root canal treatment)is carried out in case of caries complicated by inflammation, necrosis or gangrene (decay) of the dental pulp. It is often the only and last chance to save the tooth. Root canal treatment lies in complete removal from the chamber and root canals infected or dead pulp, mechanical widening of the root channels, disinfecting, then filling them tightly with special materials. To perform root canal treatment successfully we use the latest achievements in dentistry, such as:

  • endodontic microscope,
  • modern tools to develop canals: machine (MTWO) and manual (VDW)
  • systems for root canal obturation (BeeFill).

Global microscope 01.JPG

Proper conduct of root canal treatment can be assessed immediately by doing the X-ray on site at Indexmedica SA.

Root canal treatment is usually performed on one or possibly two visits, depending on the degree of difficulty of treatment.





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