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Questions and Answers

How does my journey to Krakow look like?


Arrival in Krakow

Our English-speaking taxi driver will meet you at the airport. He will hold a card with your name on it, collect you and drive to the clinic or hotel.


Consultation at the clinic

When you arrive at the clinic, please report to the receptionist. You will receive a medical record form to fill in and a panoramic X-ray will be taken in our digital X-ray room.

The dentist will perform examination, analysis of the X-ray and will have the opportunity to discuss all your questions and wishes regarding the dental treatment. Sometimes our patients need a further consultation with the surgeon, endodontist or periodontist. If needed, we can also take a CT scan or CBCT scan that is required when planning treatment with implants are complex root canal treatment.


Written treatment plan, cost estimate&time schedule

After the consultation(s), the dentist(s) will prepare your treatment plan&cost estimate. Obviously you will have the opportunity do discuss the lpan with your dentist. If you are fine with the planned treatment and agree to have dental treatment as in the plan, you will receive your appointment times. When you will accept and sign the treatment plan, you will be kindly asked to pay 60% of the total amount for that first stage. The remaining 30% will be paid on the last appointment of this stage.


Dental Treatment

We will perform dental treatment according to the treatment plan. Should any changes be required, our dentists will inform you why they are needed and what consequences do they have. If you would like to discuss the plan at any stage, we are always happy to help you. 


Completing treatment, payment terms

When you complete the stage of treatment, your bill will be calculated at the reception and you should settle the bill for that stage. You can pay by credit/debit card, cash or both. We kindly inform that we do not accept American Express or Diners Club card.



When you return to the UK and require any further assistance or information, please contact our UK representative. We look forward to meeting you again at your next stage of treatment or after one year for a check-up.



How should I organize my journey?


We are happy to help you with everything related to your trip to  Krakow.

You only have to book the tickets - we take care of the rest!


Firstly, decide when you would like to visit us and check availability at our clinic by contacting our UK representative. We can see our patients on short notice but in case of prosthetic treatments (crowns,bridges) we advise to book a few weeks in advance.

Then book the flight tickets. There are many flights from the UK to Krakow with Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet2com - prosze tutaj dac przekierowania na www tych linii lotn.. (Frequent flights from London, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds Bradford, East Midlands, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh).


We offer you a free taxi pick up by our English-speaking taxi driver from Krakow airport.


We can arrange accommodation for you in hotels and apart hotels in the centre of Krakow.

Accommodation in Krakow

INDEXMEDICA cooperates with selected hotels in Krakow. We have negotiated attractive discounts for our patients or special rates. We recommend Sodispar apart hotel with apartments in the city centre and Old Town (www.sodispar.pl ) for special price for our patients.

We also recommend a 3* Logos Hotel within walking distance from the clinic in quiet surroundings, near the Old Town area as well as 4* Galaxy Hotel in the Jewish district, approx. 15 minutes by car. Galaxy Hotel offer a comfortable SPA area with sauna and swimming pool.


Duration of stay

We start each treatment with a free consultation and examination. You can visit us for one day for consultation (you can eg. Take the morning flight from London to Krakow and return to the UK in the evening) or travel to Krakow for consultation and treatment.

Usually patients visit us for 4 - 5 working days and we perform the initial consultation and then commence treatment.


How it's best to pay and how much can I save?

When you sign the treatment plan and commence each stage of treatment, we kindly ask you to pay 60% of the total price of this stage and the balance after the last appointment of each stage.

Payment for your treatment could be made in cash (in Pounds, Euros or Polish Złoty) or by card (only in Polish Złoty). If you pay by card, the amount in Polish Zloty is calculated according to the sell exchange rate of Reiffeisen Polbank - our company bank. We do not accept American Express or Diners Club cards. Should you use debit or credit card, please make sure before your trip, that your bank has not set up any day limits. If so, it is your responsibility to have enough money on your last day to settle your bill. In case of anxiety of carrying big sums of cash, we can offer a free safe at our clinic (time locked) where you can deposit your money on arrival.

Payments by bank transfer in Pounds and Euro are accepted if the funds are received prior to the start of treatment.  If there are any changes made to your treatment plan, you will be billed or refunded accordingly. Nevertheless we do not recommend this form of payment, due to subject to an additional bank surcharge (in region of few % of your final bill) as well as unpredicted timing of transfer (up to 4 weeks). Unfortunately, we cannot accept personal and traveller's cheques.


Our patients save up to 50 - 70% of the dental treatment costs, compared to the prices in the UK. Beside that, they spend a wonderful time in Krakow!


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