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Dental Implants


The dental implants were first used in 1965 in Sweden.  They survived  for more than 20 years. Since then, missing teeth can be effectively supplemented with the titanium implants, which efficiency is very high. The implant replaces the lost tooth root. It is a pillar for the crown, bridge or attachment for overdentures.


Currently there are many companies producing implants. The best implant systems, which are used in Indexmedica SA enjoys an excellent reputation among implantologists worldwide.


Prosthetic restorations on implants


The discovery of osseointegration and the use of dental implant for the first time in 1965, revolutionized the face of dental prosthetics, opening the way for an entirely new therapeutic solutions. Using dental implants as a foundation, you can plan a variety of dental restorations:

  • complete overdenture type dentures,
  • bridges that restore the total or partial lack of teeth
  • crowns on implant that reconstruct the single-tooth gaps.

Single tooth replacement

Multi-teeth replacement

Full arch reconstruction on 8 implants

Full arch reconstruction on 14 implants

Full arch reconstruction on 2 implants + 1 beam

Full arch reconstruction on 4 implants + 3 beams

Full arch reconstruction on 4 implants + locators


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